wedding services WE OFFER

Musical Genius Productions recognizes that each wedding has different needs. That's why we offer all the components to enhance your wedding in Minnesota. Add any of these services to your wedding package to make your reception stand out!

Our DJ service covers Minneapolis-St. Paul to Mankato-St. Peter!

Second PA system

Do you want music playing outdoors while the party is indoors, or is your venue large? Ensure your guests can hear your speeches and your first dance outdoors or in a different room.

Included: two speakers placed inside or outside to provide 360 audio coverage. Add a second PA system, so no one misses a thing!

Musical Genius Productions DJ Speakers and Lighting at a Wedding Reception

Premium Light Show

Musical Genius Production's DJ Moving Heads Light Show with Wedding Guests Dancing

Experience twice the lighting on stage as our starter wedding package with a Premium Light Show. Let us daze your guests with a stunning lights! Add premium lighting for a bright and vibrant dancefloor!

Video Screen Service

Spark positive emotions and memories with video! Show off your engagement photos with an incredible memory slide show! We can even show your proposal video or any special moment caught on camera. Video is an integral part of setting your wedding apart!

Included: 100-inch video screen and HD projector. Add video to personalize your wedding! 

Video Screen and DJ Lighting from Musical Genius Productions at Wedding Reception


Green Uplighting at Wedding Reception from Musical Genius Productions With Four Rows of Tables

Transform your venue into a vibrant atmosphere with uplighting. Our starter wedding DJ packages come with basic lighting on stage. However, we highly recommend uplighting. We can add lighting anywhere (head table, cake table, etc.) to highlight these special areas. Uplighting changes the venue and amazes your guests! You pick the colors to set the mood.  

Included: we will strategically place wash lights throughout the venue. Add uplighting for a cool way to dramatically change the ambiance of your wedding and make it stand out.

Digital Monograms

Personalize your wedding with a custom monogram with your initials, name, and date. Monograms are projected on a wall, dance floor, or ceiling through a digital projector.

Included: digital monogram projection. Add a digital monogram to make your wedding truly unique!


Live Stream Ceremony